Instructor-led Training Schedule

Eswatini Standards Authority is offering the following management systems training programs for companies and individuals that are looking to build their technical capacity to implement standards and attain certification in order to achieve business competitiveness. SWASA offers classroom-based training within its premises or on special requests in-house training for organisations. These classes are scheduled during the year and you will find the schedule below. 


Course CodeCourse TitleStandard CodePriceFirst intake
FS 01Understanding & Implementing Management Systems – HACCPSZNS SANS 10330:2007E 4,500TBA
FS 02Understanding & implementing Food Safety Management SystemsISO 22000:2018E 4,500TBA
FS 03Auditing Food Safety Management SystemsISO 9001:2015 (19011)E 4,500TBA
EMS 01Understanding & Implementing Environmental Management SystemsISO 14001:2015E 4,500TBA
EMS 03Auditing Environmental Management SystemsISO 19011E 4,500TBA
QMS 02Understanding & Implementing Quality Management SystemsISO 9001:2015E 4,500TBA
QMS 03Auditing Quality Management SystemsISO 45001:2018 (19011)E 4,500TBA
OHS 01Understanding & Implementing Occupational Health & Safety Management SystemsISO 45001: 2018E 4,500TBA
OHS 05Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management SystemsISO 19011E 4,500TBA
WDM 01Understanding & Implementing Wellness & Disease Management SystemsSZNS SANS 16001: 2013E 4,500TBA
GAP 01Global GAP – Integrated Farm AssuranceGAP 01E 4,500TBA


The maximum number of delegates per course is limited due to seating capacity and our pursuit of effective instruction by ensuring a good instructor to delegate ratio. You can apply for these courses online below or by directly clicking on the course name above. All applications are to be completed and received by our office 10 working days before the commencement of each course.


Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications soon thereafter. Acceptance of the offer has to be acknowledged by the participant in writing and sent by email or fax to the office as soon as possible or 7 days before the start of the training for registration.

Course Payments and Fees

Course fees are charged per person and are inclusive of meals and refreshments for the duration of the training. Fees are payable in full and in advance by cash or cheque deposit to the Eswatini Standards Authority account. (See bank details below) Proof of payment must be submitted to the course administrator 7 working days before classes commence.

Travel and Accommodation

Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. All courses offered are day courses.

In-house Training

On special written request, and if possible, SWASA shall provide in-house training for organizations. In house training will be presented to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 participants. The organization shall be responsible for providing a suitable training room with audiovisual equipment as well as refreshments.

Video based training

These courses may also be offered through online video conferencing. We, however, encourage prospective students consider taking these courses online through this platform.